Before renovation
On Founder's Day June 19, 2010, The Reily Historical
Society opened it's doors of the new museum at 6207 Main
Street  Reily, Ohio from 2:00-4:00 to the public.  Everyone
was impressed by the great renovation and the things
inside that we have already accumulated.  We need many
more things  to share with the community.  If you have any
Reily antiques, pictures, household items, furniture etc. that
you would like to donate, or loan, for display, please let us
                    MESSAGE BOARD:
We post requests from people who email the website for
information on their family history. It will be useful to
obtain any pictures, and information that our members or
the community may have for these people. Anyone
wanting to post a request email us
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On Tuesday April 4th, The Reily Historical Society met at The
Reily Community Center at 7:00 PM. This meeting was our
"Show and Tell " meeting, always very interesting, members
and non members brought in artifacts of all kinds to show and
discuss. We had very old ledgers and books, an old chair with a
200 year plus family history a unique wood stove pipe and more.
We had a native American stone grinder found on a Reily farm
by one of our members.

The Reily Township Historical Society met on Tuesday,
May 2, 2017 at the Reily Twp. Community Center.
The program presented by Ms.Sarah Hill, was “Reily in
the Late 1800’s, the Prosperous Years”.  Ms. Hill had
been researching this topic for the last 12 months,
using a grant from the W.E. Smith Family Charitable
Trust Fund. Her research was drawn from a variety of
sources including the Butler County Historical Society,
the Butler County Archives, and The Smith Library of
Regional History.
Sarah Hill is a graduate of Miami University, BS in
History, and has her Masters Degree from Central
Connecticut State U. in Public History.  
Ms. Hill gave a very interesting program with many
pictures and old business directories etc. from Reily,
where she grew up. Some of the information was
fascinating about early inhabitants and business
owners in Reily during the early years of properity. One
of the first beekeepers had a business in Reily and the
beautiful Indian Creek made the perfect area for grist  
mills. Hogs were transported through Reily mostly via
Layheigh Road to Cincinnati. Reily Pizza was a
blacksmith shop and Indian Creek Tavern still stands as
a tavern. It also was a popular hotel in those days.     
On FOUNDERS DAY, June 17, 2017 Reily
elebrated 80 years of Reily History, the 70th
year of Reily's Volunteer Fire Department, the
10th year anniversary of the Reily Historical
Society and Museum.
We had a great turnout,
the parade started at 10:00 AM down Main
Street. There were beautiful horses, Indian
Creek Tavern had a float, there were many
antique tractors and cars. Some generation
farmers had their grandchildren driving their
vintage tractors.
We had State Representative
Candice Kelly and District 4 Ohio Senator Bill
There were  pioneer camp re- enactments at the
Community center.
  The  Hammond House
Museum w
as open all day for visitors.
We had hot dogs, fried chicken,potato wedges,
lemonade, ice cream and drinks.
Our volunteer
firefighters and EMTs gave demonstrations on
saving farm workers  lives during grain bin
accidents,demonstrated the newly acquired CPR
machine, and the jaws of life complete with a two
car accident pulling the passengers out to save
them.  We are very lucky to have the local
firefighters and EMTS that we have in Reily, they
are very conscientious and caring with the latest
equipment and knowledge that goes with it.
Hanover Township was present as well and
supports Reily when needed. We had a great
raffle as well with a handmade knife from Beaver
Bill Keeler and a mountain bike from Bakers
Hardware, many other businesses donated as
well. Another great day in Reilys history.