Before renovation
On Founder's Day June 19, 2010, The Reily
Historical Society opened it's doors of the new
museum from 2:00-4:00 to the public.  Everyone
was impressed by the great renovation and the
things inside that we have already
accumulated.  We need many more things  to
share with the community.  If you have any Reily
antiques, pictures, household items, furniture
etc. that you would like to donate, or loan, for
display, please let us know.  
                 MESSAGE BOARD:
We post requests from people who email the
website for information on their family history. It will
be useful to obtain any pictures, and information
that our members or the community may have for
these people. Anyone wanting to post a request
email us at:                                       
Melvin Smith bottom row far left,  next to him Louis Schulte,
second from right bottom row is John Weeks. Charlie Stinger
third from rt. top row. Harold Hill top row far left.
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The Reily Historical Society


MARCH 3rd:
The Reily Township Historical Society will meet on
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at the Reily Twp.
Community Center, 6093 Reily – Millville Road,
Oxford, Ohio 45056.
The program will be the annual “Show Us Your
Best.” Any interested individual or family is invited
to bring in an old or antique item from their home,
show it, and give a brief history to the rest of the
group. The item could be an old coin, a
newspaper article about a person or event, a
home gadget, and old tool, a military item, a barn
find, or something your grandma and grandpa
used years ago.  
Members and non-members are welcome.
Refreshments will be served. The business
meeting starts at 7 pm and the program begins at
approximately 7:20 pm.
APRIL 7th:
Speaker Bob Gast. who rode his bike across the
United States twice. The Hammond House
Museum has this bike on display.
MAY 5th:Lee Fisher will discuss the Hopewell and
Adena Cultures and their Ohio earthworks.

This years theme is centered around  the historic
Bunker Hill Cemetery and Bunker Hill Universalist
Church. We will have a dedication to the
Revolutionary and Civil War Veterans who gave
their lives and are laid to rest there.
The Reily Township Historical Society met on
Tuesday, February 3, at the Reily Community
Center. Oxford resident Marjorie Bowers
presented "Remembering Caroline Scott Harrison:
Oxford's First Lady"
 Ms. Bowers is a member of the Caroline Scott
Chapter of the Daughters of the American
Revolution and has written a book about Caroline
Scott Harrison who married Benjamin Harrison in
1853. Ms. Harrison was First lady from 1889-1892.
Ms. Bowers gave a very interesting and
informative slide presentation on this subject. She
brought to light things that Caroline Scott Harrison
as well as President Benjamin Harrison had
accomplished during those times to benefit us all
that were not acknowledged.