Before renovation
On Founder's Day June 19, 2010, The Reily Historical
Society opened it's doors of the new museum at 6207 Main
Street  Reily, Ohio from 2:00-4:00 to the public.  Everyone
was impressed by the great renovation and the things
inside that we have already accumulated.  We need many
more things  to share with the community.  If you have any
Reily antiques, pictures, household items, furniture etc. that
you would like to donate, or loan, for display, please let us
                                       MESSAGE BOARD:
We post requests from people who email the website for
information on their family history. It will be useful to
obtain any pictures, and information that our members
or the community may have for these people. Anyone
wanting to post a request email us
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At our September 1, 2015 meeting, retired teacher, Floyd Hann, of
Hamilton, presented “Reily Township Remembers When”. He  
reminisced about the players, coaches, opposing teams, and the
games leading up the Butler County Basketball Championship in
1956, which was won by Reily HS.  
Mr. Hann was a member of the Reily HS teaching staff from
September 1955 to June 1959. During that time he taught Social
Studies, was the school’s Athletic Director, and coached
baseball and basketball. He retired from teaching in 1982.    
Some members of the
Butler County 1956
basketball team.
The Reily Township Historical Society met on Tuesday, February 2,
2016 at the Reily Twp. Community Center.
Michael Condo now President, presented “The Life of Gilbert ‘Gus’
Condo”. Michael is the son of Gilbert Condo. Mr. Condo graduated
from UC Law School and was a very prominent defense lawyer who
practiced law in Butler County in the 1940’s and 50’s. He was the
driving force behind the establishment of the Butler County Park
System (now MetroParks) and the creation of Acton Lake and
Hueston Woods State Park in Preble County.    
Dan Finfrock retired teacher and
historian gave an interesting slide show
presentation about the Miami and Erie
Canal and how it impacted Butler
County. He presented wonderful photos
of that era. He is a collector of Railroad
memorabilia especially old pictures and
boarding passes.
The Reily Township Historical Society met on Tuesday, April 5,
2016 at the Reily Twp. Community  Center. We had our annual
"Show Us What You Have" meeting. We had some very interesting
presentations including a double barrel shotgun from 1860 that
belonged to a members grandfather along with his history related
to the community. We had a letter from 1860 that mentioned many
now famous people such as Lottie Moon and Jim Clark. We had
an old school program from Reily mentioning many businesses
and people we all knew.  We had 4 old railroad lanterns from
railroads that at one time passed through Reily Township. We also
had an old graduation class picture from 1928 that had a
members mother and father in the picture.
The Reily Township Historical Society met on Tuesday,
May 3, 2016 at the Reily Twp. Community Center, 6093
Reily–Millville Road.
Mr. Carl Ruther presented “How Agriculture Catapulted
the Industrial Expansion in Butler County Between 1850
and 1950”. Mr. Ruther is a Butler County native and a
retired industrial operations manager. His interests are
primarily the history of local industry in Southwest Ohio.
He discussed the unique relationship between local
farming and the rapid growth of Butler County’s
industrial base. It was aan interesting and informative
photo presentation.