Before renovation
On Founder's Day June 19, 2010, The Reily Historical Society
opened it's doors of the new museum at 6207 Main Street  
Reily, Ohio from 2:00-4:00 to the public.  Everyone was
impressed by the great renovation and the things inside that
we have already accumulated.  We need many more things  to
share with the community.  If you have any Reily antiques,
pictures, household items, furniture etc. that you would like to
donate, or loan, for display, please let us know.  
We post requests from people who email the website for
information on their family history. It will be useful to obtain
any pictures, and information that our members or the
community may have for these people. Anyone wanting to
post a request email us at:                                          
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Reily Historical Society

Don't forget to support the society with a donation or
by becoming a member. Please mail your donation to:
RTHS Treasurer, 189 Sample Rd., Oxford, OH 45056.
Your support will finance and maintain the Hammond
House Historical Museum and Archive; and fuel future
education, communication & research initiatives.
Yearly we update our exhibits to reflect our new
discoveries.  You can see the difference you are
making at the museum each year and your support is
The Reily Historical Society met on September 3rd at
The Reily Community center. Mr Dan Finfrock gave his
presentation on the history of Railroad lanterns. He
brought many different lanterns for us to see,their
purpose in the history of railroading was important to
lighting and signaling. He had examples of the
different types of lanterns starting with candle burning
lanterns. He showed the change in the designs over
the years and the reasons for changing the design and
types of fuel oils they burnt. Very interesting
The Reily Historical Society met on Tuesday,
October 1 at the Reily Community Center.
Ms. Laura Nagala local farm owner and
historian presented "Keeping the History of
Springdale Cemetery Alive", Ms. Nagala
gave a very interesting and informative slide
show program based on this cemetery. It is
located on Springfield Road, one mile west
of Reily in Reily Township. Ms. Nagala
discussed how the private cemetery was
created in the early 1800's from land
belonging to one of the local farmers. She
researched many of the individuals buried in
the cemetery. Several were the early
merchants of the area such as sawmill,
gristmill operators, blacksmiths, general
store owners, funeral parlor and tavern
owners.The cemetery is active today and the
private board of supervisors continues to
maintain the property. Here are some photos
from her presentation